What Is a Surfskate?

For some years now, we have come across people riding strange skateboards sliding the asphalt streets. These boards are wider than usual skates, with a nose that is not concaved and with a tail slightly raised (or not raised at all). They are also equipped with really unusual, very flexible, and wide trucks. Such skateboards are known as surfskates. It’s amusing to ride these boards and actually to surf the streets!

How is Surfskate Different from Other Skateboards?

A surfskate is a variation of a classical skateboard. Technically, it is the same wheeled board, but its way of reacting to the rider’s movements is quite different. If a skater who is used to riding a classical board tries to ride a surfskate, they will likely fail to ride far away. They may even criticize the board, saying it’s no good at all. And they will be far off with their good old skate. And yes, a skateboard and a surfskate may look similar, but they behave completely differently. A classical skateboard is essentially driven by a rear foot: we pump it, press the tail to lift the nose and to make turns. While for the surfskate, a front foot is the dominant one: its movements determine whether the skate will slide at all. That’s because its front truck is different from that of a classical skateboard. 

There are multiple shapes and sizes of surfskates

Why Have Surfskates Become So Popular?

Surfskates became popular because they are ideal for practicing surfing on land. It allows improving coordination, flow, and balance. And no waiting for the wave! Actually, that’s exactly how surfskates evolved: surfers in California tried to find things to do in the absence of ocean waves.

Using a surfskate, we can refine nearly all the maneuvers that can be performed on the wave, but we are not bound to ocean conditions. Moreover, we can do this even in places with no ocean around at all. The front truck of a surfskate is much more sensitive; it responds to a rider’s movements in a different way. To ride it, you’ll have to act exactly as if you are riding a surfboard. That’s why surfskates turned out to be so popular amongst surfers.