Surfskate, the Engine of Progress in Surfing

As we all know, skateboards emerged due to surfing. Surfers in the middle of the 20th century we going crazy in the absence of waves. They soon discovered an option that allowed them to enjoy the experience similar to the sensation of sliding the waves. Those were wheeled boards.

As far as the surfskate goes, it evolved in the ’90s in California, and it is much more similar to surfing than a regular skateboard. A surfskate allows building up speed virtually from a halt and provides for performing sharp turns quite similar to maneuvers on the wave. That is why many surfers prefer using surfskates to practice on land.

In this post, we are going to explain to you how a surfskate will help you progress in surfing.

1. Helping You to Learn Surfing

On a surfskate, you can refine your surf skills while getting the same experience as in surfing. If you are a beginner, a surfskate will help you practice riding in the right stance, have a better feeling of the board, and make the right moves.
Additionally, a surfskate is more stable than a surfboard, so it’s much easier to learn to ride.

A surfskate will get your balance leveled up

2. Balance

Riding a surfskate will improve your sense of balance. As a result, you won’t be falling too much when out in the waves, which will result in quicker progress. With the surfskate, you’ll also quickly figure out how to shift your body weight for the right maneuvers.

3. The Right Stance

A surfskate will teach you to maintain the right stance. If you keep making sure your foot position is correct, all the movements of your body will be imprinted in your memory; hence you’ll automatically be doing the right thing while riding the waves. You know, major problems for many beginner surfers are caused by a wrong stance and the wrong foot position.

4. Speed

A surfskate will let you realize which movements should be done to speed up and when. Having learned to build up speed on a wheeled board, you’ll easily be able to accelerate on the waves. You’ll manage to skip falling sections with high speed, and your surfing will surely improve.

5. Turns

One of the advantages of onshore practicing on a surfskate is that you can eliminate all the inaccuracies in the maneuvering process. Bottom turns, top turns, cutbacks, snaps, reentries, roundhouse cutbacks — you can first learn to perform all these and other maneuvers on land, and then you will easily repeat them in water.  

A surfskate will help you to learn to make the right maneuvers

6. Detecting Mistakes

On a surfskate, you can always understand where your inaccuracies are (such as wrong foot position, incorrect weight distribution, knees bent insufficiently and arms and shoulders turned insufficiently, or wrong eye line) and eliminate them. Each of these mistakes can be easily eliminated while practicing on a surfskate.

7. Muscle Memory

For a body to remember the correct way to do the necessary movements, you need to practice these movements a gazillion times. But how many, say, cutbacks per session can you make — one, two, five times? Okay, let’s assume ten times — but during how many of those times will you be lucid enough to keep track of your arms position? On a surfskate, however, you can make a hundred attempts during half an hour, if you wish to! And during each of those attempts, you can control the movements of each part of your body. These numerous repetitions are the reason your body will quickly learn to make the right movements automatically.

So, as you see, a surfskate is an incredibly helpful tool for a surfer! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase one for yourself, and a friend!