IF NOT FOR THE SKATE, my progress in surfing would have been about 40% less. What you can practice offshore is paddling, takeoff, more paddling, another takeoff, and another 10 paddling sessions over and over again. But the ride itself is either very short or absent, or it went away so quickly you had no time to understand anything at all. (I guess anybody who’s ever tried surfing will know what I mean). Anyway, only on a skate from @roots.to was I able to figure things out, like what I should do with my hands and feet😅 What the fastest way to accelerate is, how to cutback correctly without falling off and how to slide into the wave. That’s the quickest way to practice. In other words, I’m all for surfskates! That’s why I am sharing a gem with you♥️ It has been a couple of years already since I started riding boards from @roots.to. They were not available in Russia before, so I was getting them all the way from Bali. But now they have become available here too. These are guys are from Russia, and they make them super high-quality.SASHA CORTIMORCOR