Five Reasons to Ride a Surfskate

Every surfer knows how challenging surfing is. Ocean conditions keep changing; waves are never ideal and never the same… These are quite volatile conditions which makes it so difficult to sharpen one’s tricks and maneuvers. And every once in a while, there are no waves at all. What can we do? How can we progress in surfing in such conditions? The answer is simple: you need to ride a surfskate! A wheeled board will help you practice the necessary maneuvers and then easily perform them on waves!

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 reasons why you really need to learn to ride a surfskate if you want to progress in surfing:

1. Flow

Flow is a smooth movement emerging in the upper part of the body and then transmitted to the lower part, prompting the board to slide and accelerate with no abrupt movements. There aren’t so many sports out there which facilitate improving your flow.

Skateboard and surfing are among such sports.

Surfskate helps you understand how this all works in static conditions and then apply the flow over to the waves. Surfskating will help you have a better feeling of the wave and learn to accelerate on the wave.

You can practice maneuvers anywhere and anytime 
2. Practice

Waves are not always ideal, they do not always allow practicing, and sometimes the ocean is too far away.

Unlike the ocean, asphalt and concrete pavement are always there. If there are no waves around, grab your wheeled board, and let’s go surfing the streets! You can practice the maneuvers anywhere and anytime, irrespective of any high tide or low tide, wind or swell.

3. Style

Things happen so quickly in surfing that sometimes you don’t have the time to trace all your movements. And then you watch the video and see how awkward that seemingly ideal maneuver really looks. A surfskate will help you avoid this awkwardness and sharpen your movements until they look ideal.

Style is everything!
4. Physical Shape

Skateboarding uses the same muscle groups as surfing does. The more often you ride the skate, the better you will surf. And you will get less tired too. A workout is supposed to be fun, and skating is really enjoyable.

5. Timing 

Timing is being able to estimate all your movements to do your trick at the perfect time. In surfing, timing is everything! Surfskating allows sharpening a sense of timing even when there are no ocean waves around.

As you see, riding a skateboard — especially riding a surfskate — is extremely helpful for surfing. But these five reasons are not the end of the list. Learn the rest of the reasons in the following post!