What’s the difference between CARVE and SURF models?

The SURF model is most suitable for practicing surf onshore. Acceleration is achieved by body movements with your feet remaining on the board, known as pumping. The front truck is a Thruster I system, which works in two planes and allows making more abrupt and aggressive turns.

The CARVE model is better for moving around the city. Acceleration is achieved both by both feet pumping and body pumping. The front truck has a reverse kingpin which allows for smooth turns while remaining stable at high speed. CARVE is more stable when skating in the pool.

Where can one skate?

Any flat site paved with asphalt or concrete will do for skating and practicing.

Depending on your level of skating, you can also try skateparks ramps and pools.

Can I use this board to skate in the pool?

Yes, you can; and we recommend you do this. You can practice a large number of surf tricks in the pool.

Which wheels stiffness is better?

Soft wheels are best to practice cutbacks and carves, as they have a better grip.

Rigid wheels are best to practice snaps because they are easier to slide.

Is the truck adjustable?

It is. The truck’s flexibility can be considerably adjusted (from very flighty up to the firmest fixation) by tightening a hex bolt that regulates the front truck spring.

What deck sizes do you offer?

We’ve have decks in one size: 31 inches. It’s the surf or carve trucks that make the difference in style.