— Custom Skateboards & Surfskates Production 

Hey! Welcome to our family!

We are Roots – a group of entrepreneurial proactive enthusiasts spreading the healthy and conscious surfing lifestyle!

Our endless love for adventures, surfing and skateboarding, living life simply and enjoying it in the fullest has brought us together in Bali. So in 2017 we created our first custom wooden board – which was the start to the Roots brand.

Before that we were a surfing school and camp. Looking for constant improvement of our surfing skills and those of our students, we always wanted were on the lookout for more! So after bunch of experiments and tests with decks, trucks, and hardware, we created a perfect, affordable and stylish board. A board for cruising and carving that ideally matches practicing surfing turns and other surfing and wake-surfing elements – on concrete.
We called our baby “Cutback”!

Despite starting small, we decided to define our mission as to create an International Community of Skate and Surf enthusiasts. Now we are working on developing a spectrum of activities around our surf skateboards, such as binding up online platforms, organizing community gatherings, surf trips and ride-outs, creating video and photography production units, vlogs, ambassadors, knowledge sharing programs, and many more.

Next in supporting our mission are sun care products. Designed for extreme sports, zinc and aloe is what we always needed to protect our skin as surfers. Now we are happy to share it all with you! We are keeping our production sustainable and eco-friendly.

We share and create together, we value comfort and simplicity and we know what having fun is! Join us!